Intelligent Energy Consumption
Intellicharge is an software application that helps electric vehicle owners to charge their cars with the cheapest and the greenest electricity when possible, while helping the electricity grids balance.
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We automatically optimise charging against your own electricity tariff, such as E7s, and more granular time of use tariffs, where energy prices can vary for each half hourly period.


We are integrated with National Grid's Carbon Intensity Index to help reduce your carbon footprint. Charge your electric vehicle when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Help keep the wind mills spinning!


By charging your car when electricity is the greenest and the cheapest, you already help electricity grids smooth out demand peaks and troughs, and potentially provide more grid services such as Demand Side Response (DSR).

Our app will charge your car intelligently

Prioritising your own charging requirements and automatically working out the best charging actions based on your chosen electricity tariff and National Grid's Carbon Intensity Index

See analytics on your EV's electricity consumption: how green and how cheap it is, or could be - feel free to pick different electricity tariffs to see which one works out best for your EV charging need & switch!

Potentially participating National Grid's Demand Side Response (i.e., through our app to turn up and down consumption at the grid's request) and get paid for helpful charging behaviour

Our software provides visibility and control of EV charging to help energy suppliers
  • Improve wholesale trading strategy by reducing imbalance charges
  • Access flexibility revenues by participating electric vehicles' consumption flexibilities in balancing mechanism and demand side response
  • Customise new tariffs focused on electric vehicles

We can help distribution grids manage local network congestion by incorporating constraints into our optimisation, and provide analytics on EV charging behaviour.

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